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      • Call Pat at The Curriculum Project - 800-867-9067; or email us at

        • Enrollment in Curriculum Project Online Professional Development provides 24/7 access to more than 30 videos covering every aspect of the Model Classrooms Project. Teachers can access modules at will; instructional coaches can assign specific lessons a teacher may need review of; campuses can establish agency wide goals using videos to define strategies and techniques.

          Our Online video programs provide instructional leaders with a concrete tool to offer teachers needing support. As observations are done, and feedback is provided, specific techniques for refinement of classroom skills can be offered to the teacher as a tool for professional growth. It is an ideal way to learn, refresh and reinforce MCP concepts. As an ongoing means of job embedded professional learning there is nothing more cost effective!

          MCP Video Academy is used in small study groups, PLCs, etc. as well as by individuals for their own learning. Users can move within the MCP Categories to view videos in any order. There are not set requirements for completion of the many activities that are interspersed within the videos so teachers can establish goals and seek out the content needed to achieve them.

          The Curriculum Project eClassroom is designed for individual use. Users work through structured modules and courses, pass performance based requirements and eventually earn Model Classrooms Project certification. It is a Learning Management System that tracks activities, quizzes and completion of tasks as an individual progresses toward a "Graduation Checkpoint." Reports per campus, grade level or subject area can be generated.
          • The Curriculum Project combines theory and 30+ years of experience in the classroom to provide a comprehensive & effective approach to instruction. Our goal is to bring about increased levels of student success by building an agencies’ capacity to achieve instructional alignment.

            Our training and materials support K12 educators in developing their classroom skills through the effective implementation of Model Classrooms Project (MCP) strategies and techniques. The comprehensive approach of MCP combines realistic instructional strategies, coaching and practical teaching tools to support classroom teachers, instructional facilitators and administrators. Our approach is evidence based and has led to improved student performance in a wide range of demographic environments, from low SES, urban schools to high SES suburban environments.  The Model Classrooms Project is a dynamic evidence-based instructional delivery model that was designed by The Curriculum Project’s founder and Director, John Samara. 

            Visit our website for more information, and a full picture of who we are:

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                PDFs provided as handouts may be duplicated by educators who are enrolled in the eClassroom or Video Academy for use within their schools.

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